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terms and condition

Terms and conditions

Delivery shipping
Orders are shipped by one of our partners within the EU.
Orders are shipped within 2-6 days from the day of payment.
Only fully payed orders are shipped.
We ship worldwide, but we are in the EU.
We may not ship into war zones or countries with restrictions.

Shipping costs
Shipping within europe has better shipping costs
Shipping worldwide takes overseas shipping costs

Customs cost outside of EU
If you are outside of EU, you may have additional customs cost imposed by your countries customs.

Shipping risks
We ship as registered mail from order amounts above about 20 USD value (About 8 Milky).
Shippings to outside of Europe may have an increased risk of being lost on the way.

Money Back
Lost shippings in Europe we replace or give fully back the payment.
Lost shippings outside of Europe, despite us having it registerd may be payed back 50-100% of order value.
We decide in each case.
To get the money back in case of lost shipping, you must wait at lest 4 weeks since shipping.
Money back payments are striktly made to the same address as it was payed.

No return of goods
We do not accept return of goods ordered. We may replace false products.

We never sell of give away your data.
We do not use your data for any other reason than to get the shippment made to you an if needed for clarification concerning the order we may contact you per email, telegram or phone.
We do store your data no longer than 1-2 years.
It is important to know, that making an order for real goods to be shipped to your real name and address, by doing so, you link your crypto account address with your name.
We strongly consider to use only crypto account addresses, where your anonymity must not be 100% sure.
Order confirmations are sent automatically by email by the shop software. This is a risk concerning anonymity.