shops accepting mambo stablecoins

Online & offline shops accepting mambo stablecoins

list of online & offline shops accepting Mambo stablecoins.
If you are a shop owner, interested in accepting Mambo stablecoins,
contact the mambo team.
Mambo pays 5-10% of sales turnover of the first 10 proven and paid orders, using mStables.
Ask for reward to accept mStables.
buy, colloidal silver & gold, real 99.99 silver and gold electrodes, generators, tools, survival
pay with $FRANC, Chocolate Stablecoin
Buy real gold with true Gold stablecoin!
Buy real 99.99% gold and silver bars, electrodes, kolloidal solutions, etc.
Pay with the first real GOLD Stablecoin, $LIBERTY
Buy tasty coffee and cappuccino, iced coffee drinks, suvival food, snacks and bargains
pay with $MILKY, stablecoin pegged on 1 liter organic goats milk.
The milky shop is here on this website.
  Here can be your shop!!