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Buy real, tasty food with $MILKY BabyStable (Stablecoin)
$MILKY is a stablecoin in the zilliqa blockchain pegged on the price of 1 liter of organic goat milk.
1 $MILKY at peg is about 2.5-2.75 USD.
It's speciality is, that it was launched far below the peg price and it must grow until the peg.
That means, you most probably can get it far below the peg price, but the prices in the shop are calculated near the peg.
That means, you can get those real food products even more cheap.

Where to buy $MILKY ?
on following exchanges: Dex Dex with limited orders
MamboSwap fixed rates exchange (buy at full peg with $Franc)
As long as the price is below peg, you most probably get the best price on dex.
Other Dex's may follow.

Premium Food Products

We do not sell products from monopolists.
Mokate is an old polish family company with tasty premium instant coffee products.