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Who are we?

We are a international group of crypto enthusiasts and Defi stablecoin enthusiast.
In a more and more totalitarian neo fascist absurd terror great reset world, we choose to stay anonymous.
Our shops are supervised by the team behind the Mambo.Li stablecoin project, which has proven to be integer since April 2021 in the zilliqa blockchain and community.

Our goal
We want to make the bridge between the digital and virtual world of DEFI and real world necessits and needs.
We want to give a real use for true decentralized stablecoins and offer an alternative way of payment, retails business and commerce.
We want to be an example, how easy it can be made to use an alternative payment using defi stablecoins instead of fiat money.
We want to build up an parallel community outside of the fiat money system.


you can contact us via our telegram group:
This is the fasted way to contact us.
If you have any questions, just join the group and ask.
Or use the contact email form below.

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