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Shopping Real Food with Defi Stablecoins

We do the real thing - pay with real defi crypto

Finally we accept (only) decentralized crypto stablecoins as payment.
This is the most primordial use case and reason, why crypto currencies like bitcoin, etc. were created,
but could not be used because of high volatility, low speed and to high transaction costs.
We decided to accept the stablecoins from the Mambo.Li project on zilliqa.
Zilliqa Blockchain solves NOW:
- acceptable speed and low costs and high level of decentralization.

Mambo Stablecoins advantage compared to others:
Those stablecoins are not pegged on Fiat money like USD and they are backed by other cryptos or commodities.
Mambo stablecoins like $MILKY and $FRANC are pegged on retail good prices. This is a strong protection against inflation.

In our opinion the Mambo Stablecoin Protocoll is the best kind of stablecoins avaiable, even if it takes time to get fully stabilized, we just prefer the fact, that they have nothing to do with the old corrupt fiat money system.